Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Morgan and Kendall's first play date...too bad Morgan slept through the whole event :)

Taylor got her first black eye by trying to get off of our bed on her own and hitting the side of our dresser...very clumsey like her mommy!

Memorial Day

We took Taylor and Morgan to the beach for the first time on Memorial Day. Taylor enjoyed it until a big wave crashed at her back and scared her speachless. She would walk up to the water but wouldn't go in it again. But she and daddy had fun buidling castles in the sand and sitting in the bucket!

Sorry but I couldn't figure out how to turn the 2 pictures around....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun with Aunt Amy

Here's what happens when Aunt Amy babysits Taylor!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Morgn Parker is here!

Morgan Parker Muhlbauer entered the world at 8:04 am on April 30, 2007. He weighed 8' 1" and was 20 1/2 inches long.
He has a beautilful head of black hair, just like his daddy. Finally, at least one of our children will look like him now :)

He had a little problem breathing for the first 2 days but has been given a clean bill of health. We just love him to pieces and his big sister thinks he is just the greatest new thing. She constantly calls him "baby". We keep telling her his name but she likes baby. So, I guess that is what she will call him for now. She's so cute with him, she loves to hold him, feed him, give him every toy she sees in the house. She did try to eat out of his bottle last night but I think one taste of it and she won't be doing that again!

Last night was hysterical. It was our first night home. Every one was alseep until 1:00 am and all chaos takes place. Mom got up because Morgan was fussing so she had fed him and took him in to his room to change him. She comes down the hall quickly and told me to take him because he had peed all over his wall. So, as he's laying next to me in bed he starts to spit up...I'm barely moveable but I have to jerk up out of bed to get him on my shoulder. I swear I re-opened my incension doing that!! Then I look over and there is a ENORMOUS spider crawling on my wall. I start yelling for my mom because I'm in pain and I need someone to take Morgan but then I needed to get Mark to get the spider. Meanwhile, Mark had been sleeping with Taylor and Taylor wakes up and is so cute saying "'a crying" with her finger over her lips. Mark comes in tries to get the spider, it gets away and I tell him I will not sleep in that house with that spider crawling aroound. Finally, Mark gets the spider, Morgan falls asleep, Mom cleaned up the pee and I laid in bed in tears because I was hurting so bad! What a memory :)