Saturday, April 19, 2008

Story Time

I just gave Taylor and Morgan baths and was putting Morgan down for a nap. I heard Taylor in her room talking so I peeked in. It was so cute! She had 3 of her bears cuddled up with her feather boa and she was reading them a Bible story. I think I heard something about Peter and John in a sailboat.

Stubborn in pink

If you haven't noticed from previous post Taylor is obsessed with her pink boots. Sometimes I have to hide them when I'm getting her dressed. Obviously, I didn't do that this morning. She had on black shoes to begin with but when we were ready to go she came waltzing down the hallway with those things on. Totally didn't match but Mark said let her wear them. But Taylor did say that they matched her bike!

Lemon Love

We gave Morgan a lemon at dinner hoping to get a funny expression on his face, nope the kid loved the lemon!!!
And can I just say that those big blue eyes just melt me?!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids Talk

I was watching Taylor in the rearview mirror and saw her pick her nose and eat her boogers:
Me: Tay-Tay don't do that, that is so nasty!
Tay: No, mom, it's really warm!!

Mark is making a rifle (don't ask) so he brought a part of it in to the bedroom:
Tay: Is that a gun?
Mark: Yes, you never touch a gun. Always ask mommy and daddy first (can you tell we live in the south?)
Tay: ok. I want a gun. I want a pink one to match my teddy bear!

Mark: Morgan say "Daddy"
Morgan:(he looks intent then tilts his head sideways)...Cow


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Mark and I had reservations last night at Capital Grille. It is one of our favorite restaurants. Mark gets the 24 oz Porter House. I really don't know where that boy stores all of that food. If I tried to eat something that big it would create a 3rd butt cheek on me!! Anyway, we got there and they took us to our table we saw that it was decorated for Mark. There was birthday confetti on the table and a card for Mark. When we opened the card we saw that the entire wait staff had signed it for Mark. What a nice touch!! The dinner was excellent, the company was fantastic and it was so nice just being with each other...alone! Most of the staff knew it was his birthday so when people would come by our table a few would wish him Happy Birthday! When the dessert came our waiter had a candle in the key lime pie and then took our picture. So, when the bill came he also brought a little folded card-picture frame that had our picture in it. And on the back they had put our names, the date and that is was Mark's birthday. It was so thoughtful and such a wonderful evening! Mark was very impressed and very thankful that they did not sing to him. Mark deserved the best birthday evening possible as he is one in a million and I love him to pieces :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ok, so I'm a little late posting Easter pictures. Morgan was sick Easter weekend so I stayed home with him and Mark took Taylor out to Julington Creek's Easter egg hunt. She had so much fun and surprisingly enough was not scared of the Easter bunny. In fact, as one sweet family was trying to take their picture with the bunny, Taylor got loose and ran up right in to their picture to give the bunny a hug. Mark said he was so embarrassed! So, by that evening Mark and I both got sick, along with Morgan (thanks buddy!!) so Mark's parents came by and picked up Taylor for church. Hence, the reason there are no family Easter pictures. Better luck next year! But regardless of all the sickness that weekend, Jesus is still risen and Lord of our lives!

Breakfast with Morgn

Is he just not the cutest kid???? Finally one kid that actually likes to eat.

Happy Birthday to Mark!!

Today is Mark's 28th birthday!! The day started out with the kids curling up in his lap for good morning hugs and kisses. He likes to act like birthdays are not a big deal but secretly he LOVES them!! He loves for people to acknowledge it and celebrate it with him. And so he should because birthdays are big deals. It's the day that the Lord of this creation decided that we were to come to Earth and give love and joy to a family. He appointed this day just for us and we should celebrate it like crazy!! It's ok to be a little selfish on this day as it's the one day we can say "It's all about me!!" When we were growing up, my parents never let our feet hit the ground in the morning of our birthday without telling us Happy Birthday. They made the day so wonderfully special and they still continue to do this even though we are all in our 30's!! And being an in-law makes no difference to them. Mark and Christy get the same treatment as us, since they are our family :)

So, Saturday night my whole family got together and we met for dinner at Sticky Fingers and then came back to our house for cake, ice cream and gifts. Mark enjoyed every second. He got a really cheesy card from Christy...yes, Christy we are still laughing at the insincerity of it. And I believe Taylor's room has never in her life been so messy (after 5 kids plummeting through the room you could not see the floor!!) Too-tall was there and we were so pleased my mom didn't tell Mark he couldn't come this year :)

Then Sunday afternoon my parents took the kids home with them after church (thank you so much!!) and I got several of Mark's friends together and we went out to lunch. It was great being with everyone and not having to entertain a 2 year old and an infant. Plus I actually got a nap when I got home :)

Tonight, my parents have graciously offered to keep the children...ALL NIGHT!!!!! So, Mark and I have reservations at the Capital Grille and we are looking forward to a quiet, romantic birthday dinner and evening. So, please do not call us or come by tonight :)

I have to say I have a wonderful husband, a devoted and doting father to my children, a spiritual enforcer and a best friend! He deserves the best birthday ever as he is as good as they come!!

I love you Moose!!
Happy Birthday

Coming to a store near you!

Today I was test wearing some shoes for our Spring 08 line. One of our account executives took this and sent it out to a few people here in the office.
I have to admit I was feeling extra beautiful in this outfit!

Girls in the news

The girls had their pictures taken over and over again at the Disney on Ice show. Here is my favorite that was posted on line. The picture is protected so you have to go the below link to see it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Disney on Ice

The princesses came to town and we just had to take the girls!! Taylor had so much fun! She was so excited. She was adorable during the show. She danced to the music, clapped to every song and at one point she even turned around to tell the people behind her to clap. It was so cute!! Every time one of the princesses skated off the ice she would ask me "Where did she go?" Finally I got creative with my answer and told her that Aerial left to go brush her teeth. A little later in the show when Aerial came back Taylor screamed "Look mommy, she brushed her teeth!!" How precious...just shows you their little ears are hearing everything you say. She also thought that the Mulan skaters had on Mickey ear hats but it was just their Chinese-style hair do. So, after a ton of cotton candy and coke we headed home. She retold the whole story about every princess to Mark. And as she was rambling off each character she stopped at Aerial and said "Oh and she brushed her teeth!!"

Bath time

This is by far my favorite time of the day with them. They both love their baths and it's so much fun bathing them together. Plus, they are contained in one spot so that the house can take a breather from the tornado they create each evening. Taylor loves to take cups of water and just pour it over Morgans head. You would think he would scream and cry about this...nope, he just starts cracking up. So far, sibling love is what they have. I'm sure one day soon they will be in screaming matches but until then I will just enjoy my 2 happy kids!!