Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Morgan needed some attention!

Morgan was taken to the hospital on Friday with a very high fever. Once we were there the team at Wolfson's Children's Hosiptal started their magic. Within an hour of being there they had started an IV, took chest xrays, gave him a catheder and then a spinal tap. Everything happened so quickly, the first second that I sat down I just lost it! Here was my little man all hooked up to monitors and IV's and he was so helpless. But I knew he was in the Lord's hands and of course, God brought him through this ordeal with flying colors. Ended up he had a viral infection and an upper resperatory infection. He is home now and doing really well.

Luckily there was a playroom to entertain Taylor...that is when she wasn't in his bed with him!

Even though Morgan wasn't feeling his best he still managed to give us his charming smile (even if we did put him in a pink hospital gown!!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Our Growing Family

Here's our handsome man!

We are always finding Taylor sitting in Morgans car seat with her sippy cup just hanging out. Don't ask me where her pants are...

Showing off our matching nail polish. Taylor keeps going around the house blowing her nails like they are still wet :)

Taylor sitting in her baby dolls stroller and wanting daddy to push her around in it

Monday, June 4, 2007

Potty Time

Ok, you know it's time for potty training when your changing your childs diaper (which was really bad!!) and she looks down and says "Oh mommy that is so nasty!!"

I guess I will start working on that this week :)