Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making cupcakes with MiMi


Here's a random picture of me, my cousin Traci and my sister. This was taken at our friend Megan's wedding. Traci just graduated from Paxon this year. She was Mrs. Paxon this past year and came in second place at Mrs. High School. She is off to Florida Atlantic University where her brother Rusty is the quarter back. She's adorable and I just love her to peices :)

First day of K-3

What ever it takes yall!

I have to lay down with Taylor every night till she goes asleep. I love it but I hate it too. So, Monday night she decided she didn't want me in her room. I was anxious to see how this was going to turn out. Well an hour later I've gotten on to her about 5 times for playing instead of sleeping. So, I finally told her I was going to lay down with her if she didn't settle down. So, I gave her one last chance. I waited about 5 minutes and then it got really quiet...that's always a bad sign with my kids!! So, I went in her room and I didn't see her. I started looking around and then I peeked on the other side of her bed and found her like this. We eventually moved her as her legs were probably dead asleep at this point and not to mention she would have panicked if she had woken up in the middle of the night only to find herself in the dark, under her bed!

Taylor's Spiritual Side

We were kneeling beside Taylor's bed saying our bed time prayers (Mark usually does the prayers but he had to run out for a minute so I went ahead and did them...too bad he missed this one!) and here is how the prayer went:
Me: Thank you Jesus for our family
Tay: and for Disney World
Me: Thank you for our friends and teachers
Tay: and for Disney World
Me: (trying to not giggle) Thank you for our preacher and our President
Tay: and for Disney World
Me: AND for Disney World
Tay: AMEN!!

This was the 2nd night I had been reading this book to Taylor at bedtime on Creation. It's a cute little pop-up book for kids.
Me: Who did God create?
Tay: Adam
Me: And when he was lonely who did God create for Adam?
Tay: Umm...Karen!!!
Me: What????
Tay: Yes, Adam and Karen...that's right mom?