Friday, October 31, 2008

Muted Order

Ok, so I have to rag on myself today. I currently have a sore throat and last night my voice starting going away. This morning there's hardly a sound coming out of it. Well, I was out at lunch running errands and I was starving. So, I pulled in to a drive-thru and when the lady asked for my order I forgot that I couldn't talk!! There are cars behind me and in front of me so I couldn't go anywhere! She keeps saying "ma''am..." I was screaming or trying to at least scream but it was pathetic. She ended up guessing what I was trying to say - she did pretty good!!

When I got to the window to pay she was laughing so hard at me as she said:
"Gurl, you not know you aint got no voice? shoot - you funny!!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin patch

Last night we went to the pumkin patch with Mark's parents. Taylor kept putting pumpkins in to our wagon and every time she would walk off, me and Paul would start putting them back. She never caught on. The kids had so much fun just running around. Morgan kept trying to pick up these huge pumpkins and I was afraid he was going to get a hernia as hard as he was trying! We ended up getting a baby pumkin for Morgan, a little one for Taylor and then a big for the front porch. I'll post pictures of the carved pumpkin after Mark and Taylor finish with it. Afterwards, Mark's parents took us out for icecream.....thanks :)

Halleboojah 2008

About 4 years ago I started a tradition with the Westside and Orange Park high school classes. Since we don't really celebrate Halloween but the kids want to do something fun and dress up I called it Halleboojah! They love it and every year we have so much fun!! Here's some random pics from this years party.
Delaney and Taylor were so excited because they got to dress up to. Taylor was Belle and Delaney was a flapper girl.

My kids

This is Morgan at his 18 month check up at the doctor. He weighed 24 lbs, in good health and is on the road to be about '5 "10 - like his daddy!

Bath time at our house is loud and fun! The kids like taking baths together and then we get the dressed for bed at the same's so much easier doing it this way then doing it all seperately. Thank God my children actually like each other :)

Taylor loves to strap herself in her dolls stroller and try to wheel herself around the house, she's so werid! This time she put on my high heels which was quite funny watching her try to manuver the stroller with those things on.

Morgan buddy this is so going to be tucked away and brought out when you start dating...

Delaney singing

Delaney sang for the first time in "big church"
She was on the first row and was waving at Christy :)

The proud family in church (Mark was so embarrased that I took a picture of them in church!!)

This is Delaney on the Imag...right after they put her on the screen she scratched her nose but it looked like she was picking her nose and the whole congregation starting laughing...believe me, we didn't quit teasing her about it all night :)

Random pics

Taylor and I were at the grocery store and she found my camera in my purse so she said you have to take a picture of me with my princess snacks...then with the mustard...I had to take the camera away or she litteraly would have taken a picture of her with every food item in our basket!

The cashier gave Taylor some stickers...she thought she was funny putting them over her eyes!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Taylor quotes

Taylor was singing the cute song "Oh be Careful" she was doing good until I heard her sing "Oh be careful little mouth what you eat!" Mark and I just cracked up!!

I was laying down with Taylor the other night trying to get her to go to bed. I told her she could sleep anywhere on the bed the only rule was she was not to get off of the bed. So we are laying there and I could feel her trying to sneak off the bed. I didn't move I just said "I can see you." So, she comes up to my face and puts her finger on my nose and says "Then maybe you should close your eyes!" Oh Lord give me strength if this is how her sassy self is going to be the rest of her life :)

Taylor was coloring the other Saturday night at her little table. Morgan kept trying to get in to her crayons and it was really starting to bother her. So, she says "Momma, can you put Morgan to bed please?" It was only 5:00 but she figured this was the best way to keep her brothers hands out of her stuff.

This isn't a quote but it's about Taylor. I was putting Taylor to sleep last night. We always get up in bed and read a few books then turn out the light and I snuggle with her til she falls asleep (I know, I know I should cut the cord but I LOVE this time with her) anyway last night she picked out 2 books. She's always very quiet while I read her books so nothing was unusual but as I got half way through the second book I heard this loud - like really loud - snore! The poor girl pooped out on me right as the Care Bears were sailing their Ship of Dreams in to Care-A-Lot. It was so precious! I tucked her in, kissed her forehead, told her I loved her and just watched my angel sleep for a few minutes. There are few moments in my day when I get to just stare at her and really look at her. To see how perfect, beautiful, innocent and a gift she is to me and Mark. I just thanked God for her and for Morgan last night as I watched her sleep. Children really are a gift from God and we should take a few moments everyday to thank God for them!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just for fun...

My cousin Allison tagged me to post 7 things about myself that you may or may not know about me. So here's my list:

1. I brush my teeth in the shower. It's just easier for me to do it this way...

2. I drink about 3 pots of coffee a day (which means that sometimes when I go tinkle it smells like coffee - isn't that great to know!!)

3. I do not like odd numbers. I'm very OCD about this. I like everything even and in order. I will specifically do things or buy things in even amounts.

4. I am a lifetime member of the NRA

5. I'm obsessed with having my check book balanced. I balance it every morning to the penny. (I even balance my sisters check-book occassionaly because I get so annoyed with her for not knowing how much or how little she has...)

6. I clean my refrigerator - like deep clean it - the night before I go to the grocery store. I heard my husband tell my mom that we probably have the cleanest frig in town :)

7. I am almost 3 years older than my husband, which he likes to remind me of that occassionaly.

OK...don't laugh at me as you all have weird things in your lives too. I'm tagging
Amy Ferguson, Jamie Patrick, Karen Hinson and Melody Taylor