Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dinner Etiquette

The other night Taylor decided she wanted to strip down and finish eating her dinner on top of her table. Not exactly what you would call Southern Charm but hey, at least she finished her dinner!!

What a handsome man!

Christmas Tree shopping

This is the first year that Taylor is getting in to Christmas. She had fun looking for a tree except for the fact that there was a playground next to the tree lot and we kept finding her by the fence just staring at the playground with this whimiscal look like it was a magical place!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another potty training story...

Taylor was determined on Saturday that she was going to wear panties instead of a diaper. Since we were just hanging around the house I thought lets just see how she does. To get a visual of what she looks like she dressed herself in her pajama top, panties (no pants), Christmas socks and black velvet dress shoes....this was her lounging outfit! So I'm in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls and she comes in and stands next to me and all of a sudden her eyes got real wide and she starts saying "Oh no, Oh no, Oh no" I asked her what was wrong and she dramatically says "My socks are wet!" at that moment I look down and she is standing in a puddle of pee....and it's still streaming down her legs!

Whoever said girls were easy to potty train is a big fat LIAR!

Friday, November 30, 2007

How Great is our God

Have you ever just had a moment where God speaks loudly?

At my office is a young mother who is battling cancer. She is in chemo right now, has lost her hair and to my knowledge is not a Christian. The day we found out about her cancer, I gathered a group of ladies, along with her, and we got in a circle here at work and prayed. It was one of the most moving times in a prayer circle that I have ever experianced.
Today we received a call from her giving us the test results of her latest blood work. 85% of the cancer is gone - PRAISE GOD!! They are going to continue with chemo but she is so optimistic about it. The coolest thing is that us girls, who were together for the original prayer time with her, were all standing together at my desk this morning when we got the news. We had all gotten silent for just a second and the only thing we could hear loud and clear was my radio. The words that were sung in that moment of silence were "How great is our God, sing with me How Great is our God!"

No doubt we knew we had heard a fresh word from Him and knew who we were to give thanks to for this wonderful news!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ranch or Glue?

Last night we were at the Loop eating dinner. Taylor was very quiet and very occupied with the contents on her plate but because she was so quiet no one was really paying much attention to her. I finally really started watching and saw what she was doing. She was taking her lettuce then pouring ranch on it then turning the lettuce over and pressing down on it. Then she would get another piece and do the same thing. I finally got everyone to look at her and right about that time she looked up at Mark and said "daddy I need more glue!"

I'm probably going to have that kid that eats and sniffs glue in Kindergarten :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Friday was Trinity's homecoming. The whole day is so much fun. There is a parade at school that every one gets to watch. She was all decked out in her school colors and was so excited that morning!! Her class made little flags and they got to sit out on the curb and wave them for the parade.

Too-tall pictures

This is Taylor's favorite friend....Too-Tall!!

Air show and a random bird

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Morgan's stats

Morgan went today for his 6 month check-up. He's healthy as an Ox, and as big as one!! He weighed 21.1 lbs and was 27 inches long. When the doctor would push on his belly and bladder Morgan would bust out with this belly-laugh. It was so funny!!
But the doctor did recommend for us to get an appointment with a Pediatric Dermatologist as Morgans face looks like he's been in a battle. He obviously has something wrong, probably eczema. The poor guy wakes up every morning with blood on his pj's and his sheets because he will scratch his face up to pieces during the night. So the doctor told me it would probably take about a month to be seen with the doctor he was referring me to but you know how our God works....we have an appointment tomorrow at 10:30. Hopefully, she can determine what is wrong and give us something to clear it up. Please pray for this as I know it has to hurt my little man and secondly because he is being dedicated on 11/25 and I'd like for his face to be scar free :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My studious one!

Morgan Moments

Morgan is learning to sit up and he's starting to try to crawl....Lord help us with 2 running all over our place

Here's Morgan in drag...thanks to Aunt and Aunt Christy

Jonathan Baxter Patrick

My parents got to visit with Jamie and Lange while they were in Kentucky last weekend for the Gator game. My mom got to hold and see the little guy. He's a whopping 8lbs and too cute!!
Jamie's not so bad either :)

Travis and Stephanie's wedding shower

Mom gave Travis and Stephanie a Mexican Fiesta, since they are going to Mexico for their honeymoon. It looked like a bunch of Mexican's had moved in to my moms house for the day. She even had some Mexican music playing the whole time and the kids loved the pinata hanging from the living room rafters!! I just can't beleive that Travis is actually old enought to get married!! But we love Stephanie and I'm so glad she's going to join our crazy family :)


Painting seemed innocent enough but Taylor took it to the extreme!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Does anyone have any No-Doze??

My precious 2 year old decided this morning at 2:30 that it was time to wake up! She came and got me and took me back to her room. When I laid down she cupped my face with her hands and said "Wake up mommy, wake up...let's play!!" What's a woman to do? So, instead of making her mad and screaming and waking the baby up I gathered books in her bed and let her read. Then she decided to sing her ABC's, then we named our body parts, counted to 11, turned on and off her Nemo fish light, got juice twice. Finally, around 5:30 she tuckered out, just in time for me to get about 45 minutes worth of sleep til I had to get up with the baby.
Isn't life great with small children :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, it's official, Taylor is now a Trinity girl!!
After much thought and prayer we have moved Taylor to good ole TCA. Mark has always made fun of Trinity girls, I don't know why as I think all of us girls that went there at some point in our lives turned out pretty darn great :) So, now the mocking has halted as his precious little girl now proudly walks the halls of Trinity. We bought our first TCA memorabilia today, a shirt that reads "I'm a little Conqueror"

Her teacher is Julie (Fosche) we were in the same grade, knew each other at school and church. My mom even had Julie in the nursery when she was a baby! I love it! And Delaney is just 3 doors down from Taylor's class....Lord have mercy on Trinity!!

So how about a big "TCA ALL THE WAY!!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Time

We spent Saturday out at Goldhead State Park with my dad's side of the family. It was a lot of fun and Taylor got filthy!!

Can you beleive this is a mother-daughter duo??

Aunt Debbie's ankle after being hit by a softball

Josh looking oh so cute with his princess glove!!

I don't beleive Morgan ever even knew he had left the house :)