Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dinner Etiquette

The other night Taylor decided she wanted to strip down and finish eating her dinner on top of her table. Not exactly what you would call Southern Charm but hey, at least she finished her dinner!!

What a handsome man!

Christmas Tree shopping

This is the first year that Taylor is getting in to Christmas. She had fun looking for a tree except for the fact that there was a playground next to the tree lot and we kept finding her by the fence just staring at the playground with this whimiscal look like it was a magical place!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another potty training story...

Taylor was determined on Saturday that she was going to wear panties instead of a diaper. Since we were just hanging around the house I thought lets just see how she does. To get a visual of what she looks like she dressed herself in her pajama top, panties (no pants), Christmas socks and black velvet dress shoes....this was her lounging outfit! So I'm in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls and she comes in and stands next to me and all of a sudden her eyes got real wide and she starts saying "Oh no, Oh no, Oh no" I asked her what was wrong and she dramatically says "My socks are wet!" at that moment I look down and she is standing in a puddle of pee....and it's still streaming down her legs!

Whoever said girls were easy to potty train is a big fat LIAR!