Thursday, March 19, 2009


Allison and I try to spend as much time possible with our girls when ever she is in town. Obviously, as cousins, we have known each other our entire lives. We have grown up together, done so much together, experianced crisis with each other, joys with each other and now our chidlren with each other. Everytime our little girls are playing Aunt Diane makes the comment that it looks like she is looking back in time at me and Allison playing as little girls. Hopefully, Kallie and Taylor will grow up together and experiance the joys of friendship and family that their moms have enjoyed! Love you Allison and Kallie :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hugs for God

The other night Taylor and I were reading a bedtime story. In the story the little girl was thanking God for her wonderful mommy(you like the stories I pick out to read?...subliminal messages...)so when the story is over I asked Taylor if God had given her a great mommy and she said really excitedly YES!! I leaned down and just hugged her like crazy. Then she put her arms out in front of her and was acting like she was hugging someone. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was hugging God. She said "I can't see him though" So I asked her where He was and she said "In my heart." And then she wrapped her arms around herself and said "I'm hugging my heart" Then she looked at me so seriously and said "One day when the doctors have to open me up they will be able to take out my heart and we will be able to see Jesus! Oh I can't wait to hold Him!"

Oh if we could all love Jesus like a child....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cute comments

Taylor continues to keep us giggling with her little comments.

She was riding her bike Saturday night (in her ballet costume, with ballet shoes and tiara) and the sun was beginning to set. She says "Momma, look at all of those beautiful colors that God has given us!"

Later that night as we were laying in bed our faces were close together and here's our conversation
Taylor: Momma, what is that smell?
Me: Oh it's some chap stick that I put on my lips
Taylor: Um...can you turn your head the other way? That really stinks!

Yes I know...

It has been forever since I've updated this blog but I have been SO busy! Since December I have resigned from Liz Claiborne(long story), started a new job in January, we've remodeled parts of our house, doubled Mark's income, quit choir and ensemble, got Taylor out of pull ups at night, got Taylor going to bed by herself, started working out, increased my coffee intake and am completely exhausted! But I'm back and will promise to not be gone for so long!