Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Taylor moments...

We were on our way home the other night from dinner and it was past Morgan's bed time and he was starting to get fussy. As we rounded the corner on our street I hear Taylor say "Morgan honey it will be alright. We are almost home and then you can get your nap"

Taylor came home from school the other day with a really big bruise on her leg when I asked her what happened she got the most serious face on and said "Mom...a huge lizard bit me!!"

We were eating at Chick-fil-A Saturday and Taylor was playing in the playgorund. There was another little boy in there about her age. He was up on the top of the slide and Taylor was looking for him. She looked over at me like where did he go? Then she cupped her hands over mouth and hollared "Hey Friend!!"

Last night I told Taylor to go get in bed and get a few books to read and I would be in shortly. I walked in her room and she had the books on the bed (all 8 of them) but she was leaning up on her pillow with her hands folded so sweetly, wearing swimming goggles! She giggled at herself and I just crawled in bed next to her...some things are just not worth fighting over.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last weekend my family (minus the Muhlbauer's) went to Disney for the weekend. Mark and I are the only ones that don't have annual passes. But, they did take Taylor with them. It was the first time she has gone out of town with out us. She did great (sort-of!) Mark and I had the whole weekend with just one child, one easy child! He went to bed Friday night at 6:45 and we looked at each other like "what now?" So, I ordered a pay-per-view movie (27 Dresses), watched the whole thing with no interruptions, finished a book I was reading, went to bed at a decent hour. It was fantastic! Then on Saturday Morgan got up at 6:30 but decided he needed a nap about 9:30 and then he slept until 12:15....I actually got a nap too! It was the most wonderful day :) You really forget how easy it is to take care of just one child. But we did miss our little Tay-Tay. Here are few pictures that Aunt Amy took.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Morning Sickness

Ok NO...I'm not pregnant!! But I did get the symptoms this morning...
I was driving this morning and when I got to a red light I happened to look down at my hand on the steering wheel. And I saw it, only 1 diamond band on my all-important finger. I looked again and realized my diamond ring and my other diamond band were not there!! I got a waive of nausia as I thought I have just lost my engagement ring and wedding band, my husband is going to kill me!!! I thought about the sentimental value, the monetary value and I just broke out in a cold sweat. So, I pulled over and emptied out my purse, looked under the car seats, went through my bag. Then I called Mark in tears and said I have to go home and find it. He was actually pretty calm. So, I got home and started tearing the house apart. I had done laundry early this morning (yes, the joy of mother hood and having a full time job leaves you no choice but to do laundery at ungodly hours of the day!!) So, I went to the drawers where I knew I had put laundry up, emptied the kids toys out, undid the beds. I was about to change clothes and go digging through the garbage! Exasperated, I raised my hands up and cried out "Lord, Please direct me to my rings!!" I stood still for a moment and then walked in to my bedroom. And there across the room I saw the 2 rings just laying there. I don't know how they got there. I never EVER take my rings off (there is a story behind that) so I know I didn't take them off. I have no clue how it happened but it didn't precious rings and I were reunited. I can hear Peaches and Herb singing it now. I sat down and just thanked Jesus out loud.

It was now 8:15, I was exhausted, sweating, sick to my stomach and late for a doctor appointment....what a beautiful Monday morning!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fathers Day Pictures

Father's Day was wonderful and relaxing! We enjoyed spending time over at Mark's parents house during the day and then we spent the evening with my family. Dad's are just wonderful in our family and we have much to be thankful for!!

Mark, you are the greatest daddy ever to Taylor and Morgan. Their little faces light up when they see you. Taylor loves to swim with you, swing with you, distribute gummies and say her night time prayers with you. Morgan loves to just be near you. It doesn't matter what you guys are doing as long as you are paying attention to him. They are so blessed to have such a devoted, Godly, fun and sweet daddy like you. Thanks for being 100% committed to our family!

We all love you!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Why is it that during the week it is like pulling teeth to get Taylor out of the bed and dressed but on Saturday she is up at 6:00????

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Potty Bugs

Some time ago there was a little ant in the bathroom and I took some toilet paper, sqooshed it and flushed it. Taylor was watching and apparently I think she believes all bugs belong and live in the potty. So, fast forward to last night. She needed to potty. We went in to the bathroom and she squatted down and looked in the toilet and said "Oh look there's a bug. He's going down in to his home and now I'm going to pee-pee on him and flush him...YEAH!! (claping very excitedly)

Oh what a strange child Mark and I created :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Princess

The Princess party was the funnest thing ever! Basically, the Magic Kingdom shuts down and then there is a big party for just princesses and pirates. There's X's all over the park and when you see one you get treasure...the girls got tons of necklaces and a bag of jewels. Taylor and my niece, Delaney, dressed up and they were precious. Taylor was sure to tell everyone that she was Belle. There really wasn't a whole lot of people there so we rode every ride, several times. The longest line we stood in was 20 minutes and that was to have a private photo session with 3 princesses...which was the highlight of the evening, besides the Merry-Go-Round which Taylor calls it the American-Go-Round. We were on the ride and all of a sudden she screamed "American -Go-Round, Yes!! and she threw her hands up in the air. Taylor is very skittish about the dark and is scared of the most random things at time so needless to say she was scared on several rides, like the Pirates of the Caribbean. But she was so funny because at the end of every ride she would hold her hands up in the air and say "We did it!!" I guess this was just a self-confidence boost for her. And for those who know how Delaney talks you know her little raspy voice is darling. So, we were on Goofy's roller coaster and when it stopped we heard this loud raspy voice from the back scream "Guys, I am SOO excited!!" All day these girls just had us cracking up. It was so much fun and great mother-daughter bonding time :)

The party lasted until Midnight and we determined to stay till the last second. Around 11:00 Taylor starting becoming a little delusional. She was just in a different world, staring off in to space, not answering anything you said to her. So, about 11:45 my mom took her to the potty and she said that while Tay was tinkling all of a sudden her eyes closed. The poor girl had actually fallen asleep on the potty!! So, we put her in her PJ's and let her crash in the stroller. But once we got the girls back in to the car they got a second wind...and it didn't quit until around 2:00 am. I can already see how slumber parties later in life are going to be :)

I think my little man missed me. When I got home tonight he was so excited about seeing me and Taylor. He climbed up in my arms, laid his head on my shoulders and just held on to me for a few precious moments. It was priceless. I tell you, there's no place like home, especially when there's TONS of love to go around.

I only have a few pics but my sister took a lot more so when she sends them my way I'll post them.