Friday, January 18, 2008


Everynight when I'm putting Taylor to bed she takes my hand and says "Mommy's hand is broken?" I tell her yes and then she takes my broken hand and kisses it. Well the other night when she did this I asked her if she wanted to pray for mommy's hand and she got really excited and said yes! I thought, Oh what a little spiritual warrior I have at such a young age. So she took my hand in hers, we bowed our heads and prepared for her prayer....

"Dear Jesus, thank you for our food. Amen."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update on Jonathan from Lange

What a day!

Jonathan is doing quite well. His doctors are very pleased with his progress and believe that he will make a complete recovery with his newly repaired heart. We are attaching a before and after photo.

His surgery lasted about 5 hours during which time God supplied us with some wonderful fellowship among friends, our family and some folks we didn't even know.

We stopped to pray several times during the surgery and each time we were reminded of God's moment by moment grace.

He is sedated now, but will begin the waking up process in the morning. He is expected to be in ICU for 2-3 days and then a regular room for 2-3 days. Jamie and I are spending the night by his side and are enjoying the time to reflect on the past 6 months.

God answered so many prayers today, that we can't even begin to count them all: A few that are especially notable -
Jonathan weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs. 1 oz. this morning (Jamie put rocks in his pocket) which was the doctor's goal for him to reach by surgery.
We were able to keep Jonathan's surgery appointment - he had a virus last week and actually surgery was somewhat questionable for a few days.
The complete a/v canal that had been diagnosed multiple times with ultrasounds and xrays was actually less severe and determined to be a transitional canal, which required less patching and was a pleasant surprise to the docs.
Here are some continued requests:

Pray for Jonathan's anesthesiologist, Kenny - I talked with him about life and the Lord for about 30 minutes tonight by Jonathan's bed. He has promised to visit our church and really seems to be searching.
Pray for Jonathan to stay free of infection while here at the hospital - RSV is prevalent.
Pray for Jonathan to be able to be weaned off of the many machines he is on with no problem.
We cannot express how grateful we are for your prayers and love. Our God is real and we were encouraged in Him through your prayers and His peace.

Have a good night!

Lange and Jamie

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pray for Jonathan

Today some friends of ours little 6 month old baby Jonathan had open heart surgery. Please pray for him as his little body goes through this. And pray for his parents, Lange and Jamie and their other kids, Justin and Jailyn.


Taylor has the biggest imagination right now. It's really funny to watch her play by herself as she does all kinds of weird things. She has these imaginary things all over our house. For example, there are ducks (quack-quacks) under the dining room table, alligators under the sheets, turtles in the garage and doggies all over the house that you can put in the palm of your hand. The other day we were leaving my parents house for dinner and she exclaimed that she had left something. So she ran inside and my mom saw her go to the steps and then lean down and pretend to pick up something. My mom asked her what she got and she said "Oh,I forgot my purse!"

Too cute but hopefully she will grow out of this by the time she's a teenager :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Accident

So I'm sure you've noticed I haven't written in a month, so here's why...Taylor was falling off of the couch and I ran to try to get to her before she landed on the coffee table. I skidded across our tile floor slamming my hand in to the wall and breaking it! I didn't get to Taylor in time. She landed head first in to a coffee table. I didn't know what to expect as I turned her over. The site I saw will forever haunt me in my dreams. My precious 2 year old was laying in a pool of blood with her forehead open to the bone. Me, being a fireman's daughter, should have known to put pressure on the wound and call 911. Nope, I completely panicked!! Luckily, Mark had his senses and put pressure on the wound and I called 911. (I'd love to get a copy of my call as I have no idea what I said to the operator) The firemand and rescue guys came and took care of the situation and we all headed to Wolfsen's Childrens Hospital. Long story short, Taylor got 5 stitches, I got a broke hand and Mark got 2 hospital bills!
Today, Taylor is doing just fine. We are daily treating her scar but the doctors assure us the scar will heal. My hand is still broken and I have another 3 weeks till I can take my splint off. But we thank our great Lord that the situation turned out this way instead of a tragedy. Taylor could have blinded herself had she hit her head any lower, she could have lost get the point. We are so thankful for our kids lives and we definitely do not take any second for granted.
Unfortunately, Mark has taken this pretty bad and has been letting Taylor sleep with us ever since that night....what have we started??!!
I'm not going to put in the really disgusting photo of Taylor because it is just to gory but I found a few tamer pics and a current one that shows you how great she looks now!

Christmas Fun

Random picutures