Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taylor's visit

My mother-in-laws parents are currently staying at a facility, getting rehab from some medical conditions. Taylor went up to see them on Saturday and brought them some flowers. Papa took some pictures of them. Me and Morgan went a little later that day but Papa had my camera so I have no pictures of that...

I'm back from California

I had to go to Long Beach, California this past week for business. I don't particularly like flying but I have to admit the flights were not that bad. I sat next to this man who had an 18 month old (from Salt Lake City to Long Beach). That little girl made me miss my kids so bad!!
So when I got to the airport there was a driver standing there holding my name on a piece of paper, I just laughed! Anyway he got me to my hotel, which was beautiful! I had the rest of the day to just enjoy myself. My hotel was across the street from the ocean so I went and walked along the beach, did a little shopping (I bought a $9 purse!!) and then went and ate dinner by myself at Outback. I don't really like eating by myself but since I was in a town where no one knew me I didn't care. The weather there was so wonderful. It was about 78 during the day and around 65 at night, and always a nice breeze.
I had meetings all day but the nights were mine to do whatever I wanted. A few nights I went to dinner with people from the meetings but I was taking advantage of having 4 nights of no responsibility, no putting kids to bed and a full night of sleep, was wonderful!!
On Wednesday they let us out of our meeting at 12:30 so I went upstairs and changed in to my bathing suit and hit the pool. I laid out there for 5 hours! I took a little nap, I read a book, I went swimming and just relaxed....I also got sunburned but it was worth it! I really enjoyed the time to my self, however, I was ready to get back to my family.
So, on the last part of my flight home from Atlanta to Jacksonville I was sitting next to this elderly man. It was late and the moon was out. It was the most beautiful moon I had ever seen. I couldn't resist so I told the man he had to see the moon. He looked out my window and said with the most eloquent voice "That is so beautiful!" Well, that began a long heartfelt conversation between the two of us. He is a Persian man who had fled his country a few years ago because of religious persecution. He left all of his worldly possessions behind, everything he had worked his whole life for. He ended up in Germany, where he endured more persecution because of his Persian ethnicity so finally he came to America. 3 weeks ago he took his citizenship test, and passed! Now he is waiting to recite the pledge of allegiance. He told me how much he loved America. He placed his hand over his heart and said "God Bless America!" I was of course holding back my tears but I repeated that same phrase back to him. I truly do love my country and it's amazing when you hear the horror stories that others go through in their own countries it just solidifies how wonderful the USA is. By the end of our flight we were knee to knee, hand in hand, engrossed in a beautiful conversation. He took my hand to his heart and said it was an honor to meet me. But truly, it was really my honor to meet him. He made me a little more proud of my country that day and allowed me to truly be thankful to my Jesus for allowing me to be born here. It was a great ending to a long day.

However, when I got to work on Friday my boss was wondering if I had attended any meetings since I was so tan :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Class Time

So, I'm taking a seminary certificate course that our church is offering and encouraging leadership to take. It is through the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. It's actually a lot of fun, very interesting and my crazy family, minus my mom and Mark, are taking it too. I'm taking New Testament this semester and it's actually pretty hard. We had a quiz Wednesday night that I apparently was not ready for as I got a 60%. After I started reading the questions I began questioning my salvation...I mean, shouldn't I know this stuff!!!???

This would be the "cheaters" table...if you want a good grade then sit next to this crowd!!

Sarah looking dazed and confused because apparently you need a dictionary to understand the words coming out of our professors mouth!

Me, very proud of my 60% grade...again, had I wanted a 100% I would have sat with the cheaters...(thanks for the thumbs up Sarah!!)

Labor Day

Labor Day was completely relaxing. We went out to Mark's parents house and let the kids go swimming and just go crazy! Taylor is non-stop and it helps that her Mimi is too. They go outside for hours. You never know where they are or what they doing. All of a sudden they will just come through the door and they are both sweating and looking for something to drink.

If you think about it, please stop and say a prayer for Mimi's parents. They are both in a nursing/rehab center for a few months. Age, illnesses and memory loss are starting to creep in and it's difficult for them to watch this. They are such sweet and precious people and it would mean the world to me to know that many of you are praying for them :)

Yes, Taylor's mouth is blue...she fell asleep in the car with a blueberry ring-pop in her mouth (thanks Mimi)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Taylorism

Taylor and I were in the potty last night as she said she needed to poo-poo.
After what seemed like forever waiting on her to go I finally asked:

Me: Are you done yet?
Tay: No, it's just too hard to push. Maybe I will try on Wednesday

Sunday lunch

I just happened to have my camera in my purse yesterday at lunch. So I figured I would take some candid pics of the family eating. We go out to eat together every Sunday after church. It's wonderful to have that family time. We laugh, talk about the lesson we taught (me and dad are both Sunday school teachers), talk about the sermon, life, etc... I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, close family.

Mema time

My mom and Mema came over Saturday to spend some time with the grandkids. Mema has been down and out lately with a broken (chipped) bone in her hip. So she has this new handy-dandy cane that the kids just loved playing with. We went to Jason's for some lunch and then hit Steinmart for their 80% off sale!!!