Monday, March 31, 2008

Poppy's Birthday party

Poppy is Mark's grandfather. He turned 82, I think. We all got together for his birthday. Taylor loves to sing Happy Birthday so she was super excited about that part! But let me tell you, older people get cold real easy. Well, it's a beautiful day in Florida, around 75 degrees and they either had the heat on or just completely turned off the air. I thought I was going to die!!!! Poor Morgan was sweating so bad that he wouldn't even lie down for a nap. I know I get cold easily but when I get that age, someone please let me know when I'm frying you in my house :) Overall, though, the birthday party was nice!!

Morgan's first hair cut

My little man got his first haircut this month! My cousin Candice cut it and he looks like a doll :)
He was really good in the chair, I was surprised! He sat so still while she had those scissors up against his head. I was really proud of him. Taylor, on the other hand, you can see in the background was not still. She was all over the place that morning! Luckily, I don't need to cut her hair yet but when I do, I'll probably have to sedate her to get her to be still for that long :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tay-Tay in the Wind

If you have seen the movie "Nell" then you get the joke :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm that parent...

Have you ever seen the news reports where there are parents camped outside of a Preschool for hours to make sure that their child/children get a spot in the right Preschool program? I've seen that and I have always laughed at how ridiculous they are...really, how good can a school be in order to do that? Well, I did that this morning! My tired body pulled in to the parking lot of my desired school at the early time of 5:00 am. And I was able to covet the 2nd spot in line. Yes, some other crazy person came even earlier than me. So, with a huge cup of coffee and a book I planned to wait for the school to open. When the 3rd car pulled up I decided it was time to get out and actually go stand in line. When I got up to the line and saw who the first person was, I cracked up laughing. Spot number one was being held by an ex-boyfriend of mine, Michael. Who is now a proud daddy of 2 kids, good for him!! We just rolled our eyes and said we would have never believed it if some one would have told us 12 years ago that we would run in to each other like this. We caught up with each others life and families. We chatted with the other eager parents and we all laughed about the things we do for our children (can i get an Amen from all the parents out there?) Finally, I was able to enroll both of my kids in to this school. For some reason, I was so nervous, I even signed my check with Taylor's name. Anyway, it's done it's over, they start in June. I think I'll have to get a second job to afford it :) Being a parent sounds easy enough but I don't believe there are enough words in the dictionary to describe its duties.

This made me think about all of the un-mentionable things my parents have done for me, Amy and Todd through out our lives. I can only begin to imagine what they have sacrificed, pinched pennies for, debated, prayed over, argued over, worried about, cried, stressed, wished and fought for on our behalf. For that, I am truly thankful for and forever in debted to them. Parents are the un-sung heroes of this world.

Thanks mom and dad for EVERYTHING!!
You have inspired me to be "that parent"