Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heads are rolling

This morning we were all in Taylor's room. She and I were sitting on her bed and I was putting her hair up into a ponytail, Morgan was on the floor playing and Taylor wanted her Daddy to brush her Barbie's hair since I was brushing her hair. So, Mark went and got a brush and began to brush her hair. (that in it itself is a great story if you know Mark at all!!) Taylor was so excited! Well, I guess there was a really big knot in the dolls hair so Mark yanked the brush through it really hard. Well all of a sudden the dolls head snapped and it went rolling off of her body! Taylor screamed and Mark grabbed the head and the doll and quickly walked out of the room (I could hear him laughing all the way down the hall!!) Taylor was a little stunned and I couldn't quit laughing either. She went running down the hall looking for Mark and her doll. He told her some story about the dolls hair having some problem and that he would fix it later, luckily, she seemed to be ok with that story.

Mark is currently suspended of all duties that require him brushing a dolls hair...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cute Pics

Taylor has this fascination with writing on pads of paper. She walks around the house like she is taking inventory. She is thrilled if you buy her a pen and some paper! She draws the same little circles all over a page and colors them in. And even though they all look the same she will be quick to tell you what each of them are.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Toddler News

Taylor pooped in the potty all by herself!!
I know this isn't exactly what you came here to read but believe me this is BIG news in our house hold this week :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Disney Trip - Picture overload!

The whole family took a little R&R in over the weekend and headed down to Orlando to take the kids to Disney World. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the park was not very crowded either. We were so excited for Taylor because this year she knew who Mickey Mouse was and she can name all the Princes's. But we discovered that she doesn't really dig the rides that are in the dark. She was terribly frightened in the Pirates of the Carribean ride and even in It's a Smal Wolrd...come on who is scared of that ride??!! But she loved the tea-cups or as she says the coffee cups. She even liked the kiddie roller coaster in Mickey Land because it was outside. Outside = no dark Our other child, Morgan, loved everything. He couldn't sit still in any ride because he was trying to take everything in. He never cried the entire day we were there. He took some great naps and was such a joy to have around :) Overall the trip was fantastic, the company was good as usual and we have tons of memories to look back on.