Friday, December 19, 2008

Amy goes under the knife

So Amy went on a cruise a few weeks back and apparently had a little too much fun! As she was out on the dance floor in the middle of a line dance her knee just buckled on her. She said it was quite painful but she finished the dance! What a champ! So, fast forward and she's at my parents house holding Morgan and she just falls with him in her arms because her knee buckled again. Then the next day her knee gives out again. FINALLY she went to the doctor and lo and behold wouldn't you know there's something wrong. She tore her ACL and damaged some of her Collateral Lateral ligaments. All because of that one line dance! So, she had surgery on Wednesday and is doing very well. She is staying with my parents as she is pretty helpless and a baby when it comes to pain. So, she's on some good meds and I think I actually heard that my mom gave her a sponge bath today - doesn't that sound fun?? :)

Bradley Alexander Ferguson is 12!!

On our way to my brothers house for my nephew's 12th birthday party.

You have to love Christy's dad in the Santa Claus're never too old to be silly!

Very cool guitar cake. Bradley has been taking guitar lessons for about a year now. He's actually very good :)

Morgan stealing Nicholas's cake

So can you tell which one is a whole year younger??? Poor Taylor she is going to be a giant :)

Nana - Christy's mom - made this great quilt for Bradley

I had to get a picture of this. Morgan walks around the house like this all the time. It's so adorable, it's as if he's looking around and just taking everything in. He's just do darn cute!

My weirdo husband can never be serious for a picture

Amy - pre surgery looking mighty sexy in her knee brace!

Mom and Mema

Gwen - Christy's mom

The birthday boy

The girls trying to hide under the pillows

Bradley giving us a mini-show with Morgan dancing up a storm - the boy truly has rythem! Oh and yes I do believe I see Fred Ferguson cutting a rug in the background...someone should tell him to sit the next dance out!

Lazy people

Here's a little taste of life on Sunday afternoons in our house...every body just veg's out and does a whole lot of nothing...I LOVE IT!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A tender heart

Last night I was going through some of Morgan's clothes. He has hit a growth spurt and I needed to get some of his old clothes out of the way. So he had clothes all over his room and Taylor came in and asked me what I was doing. So I told her and then trying to make every moment a teachable moment, I told her that there are a lot of kids in the world that don't have any clothes. I showed her how blessed her and Morgan were for having a closet full of things to wear. She repeated back to me "There are kids that don't have clothes?" I told her yes and she just kind of looked at me with a blank stare. Then she trotted off and I thought well, that was really productive. Then a few minutes later she came back in Morgan's room, her arms full with all of her pajama's. She said "Momma, I'd like to give my pajama's to some kids that don't have any" I just lost it. I went over and just held her. With tears in my eyes I told her how sweet she was and that I was so proud of her.

She was so serious about it...I mean how does a 3 year old understand that?? But really, who are we to question their heart. Didn't God say don't suffer the little children that they should come to me? Oh that we could all be lead with a child-like heart.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winter Wonderland

So Linda and I had the bright idea to take the kids to St. Augustine to the Winter Wonderland. We got down there at 3:30 thinking it was open all day...nope, it didn't open until 6:00! So, what in the world were we going to do with 2 small kids for almost 3 hours??? Chick-fil-A! They can eat and play till their heart is content...and that is what we did! Yes, we spent almost 3 hours at Chick-fil-A! Mark ended up coming and meeting us there too, which the kids were so excited about!
So, finally, it was time to head to Winter Wonderland. This is supposed to be a free event for the family! Yeah, it's free to get in and park but by no means is it free!!!! Such false advertising! Everything there cost money!
They advertised a 100 foot ice slide. I thought Taylor would really love it. Then I saw the thing and it looked like a death trap! There was no way we were about to put her on that slide! It was basically a 100 foot drop on ice. You sat on a board and just prayed you didn't flip off of it. I was terrified watching these kids going down it that I had to walk away from it. I'm telling you it was so dangerous!

But there was a little Elf village that the kids enjoyed walking through and the candycane forest as well. Then we roasted some marshmellows (which also cost money!) But the highlight came when Taylor saw Santa. It reminded me of the movie Elf when he's yelling "I know him, I know him!" She gave him the biggest hug and was just standing there in awe of him. It was so cute!

Here's our attempt at a family photo...not going to happen!

Morgan was so cute here. We had all started to walk off then Morgan ran back to the lights, sat down, gave the biggest grin and yelled "Cheese!!"

Taylor roasting her marshmellows. Even Morgan enjoyed them! I personally hate roasted marshmellows so I gratefully let them have all of mine.

The highlight of the night! She told me later that she saw Christmas :)

The candycane forest

The Elf village

Nana and Poppy

I didn't have to work Friday so I took the kids up to see Mark's grandparents. They are in a rehab home, River Garden. The place takes such good care of them. They were thrilled to see the kids and had some treats for them too :)