Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Night time stories

Last night, or early this morning, whenever...I hear Morgan crying. It's about 1:30am so I let him cry for about 10 minutes. He doesn't stop so I know he must have thrown all of his pacifiers out of the crib. So, I open his door and go get the reserve pacifiers out of his drawer. He's laying on his side and knows exactly what I'm doing. He holds his hands out, while he's still whimpering, and when I place 2 more pacifiers in his hand he starts repeating "tank-you, tank-you, tank-you, tank-you" As I slip out of his room and go down the hallway I can still hear his sweet voice reapting those words...

So, when I was putting Taylor to bed, she gets really silly. So, she always ends with me wanting to give her BIG hugs and BIG kisses. So on our 4th round of this I look at her, our noses are touching and I say "Taylor it's time to go sleep, Momma doesn't want to hear another peep out of you" Taylor smiles and says "Peep"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Request

Taylor was in the car telling me what she wants for her birthday, which is not until July. She had a laundry list of girly things she wanted, new dresses and matching hairbows, books, new tiara and wand, Barbie doll car with Barbie and the house so that she can park the car in the garage. After she got done I asked if there was anything else she wanted. She said "Oh yes, one more thing...(and with the sweetest smile on her face, she cocked her head sideways and said) a kiss and a hug.

Ok, I'm a sucker...I'll probably now go and get her EVERYTHING she asked for :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The water in this pool was so unbelievably cold I can not even beleive that these kids played in it as long as they did. They had the best time. Mimi told Taylor she was the Lifeguard. So, all afternoon Taylor would blow her fake whistle and tell everyone to get out of the pool for a break, they had to get out for snacks, they had to get out to rest...she finally looked over at me one time and said "I'm such a great Life guard!!"


Ok no joke...the lady in the picture with me is 105! She was the sweetest lady and hysterical too! She told her daughter, who was standing behind us with the big hat on, that she should get a cage and charge people for taking pictures of her!! The bike that Morgan is playing on is hers! She rides that bike all over Westminister. This woman was TRULY amazing!! If I have to live to be 105 I want to be like this woman!

We got there a little late for the Easter egg hunt...unfortuantely the kids did not find any eggs so like any boy, Morgan filled his basket up with rocks! Notice the diaper falling out beneath his pants?? Yes, still not sure how that happened but I got a good laugh out of it and definitely had to take a picture of it!!

Notice there are no pictures of Morgan with the bunny, that is because he wouldn't go near that thing. This boy will jump off of anything, eat anything, chase bugs but won't go near a sweet big bunny!!!

Easter egg coloring

This is always the best way to start any day...

Mimi and Papa and the kids washing off the eggs and getting ready to start coloring them. They were so excited.

Taylor carefulling reading the directions for me and Mimi

Morgan was a crazy man with these water colors. He was chunking them in to the water so hard I was sure he was going to break them all. He never even colored any of the eggs because all he wanted to do was drop the eggs in to water. He was a mess and loving it!

Ok so I have to admit this was my very first time EVER colorig eggs (that I can remember) Mark was making fun of my eggs but Taylor told daddy that they were beautiful, so NAH!!

Mark showing his artsy style and taking request from Tay-Bear. Whatever she asked him to paint, he could...he was totally being a show off!

Finally got a picture of Papa!

I beleive Buddy-the-dog was ready for us to go home...

Story time

Found the kids all curled up with daddy the other night reading books. Morgan likes to point to every page and mumble stuff. We have no idea what he's saying but we just shake our heads and say "yes, that's right" Whatever...he thinks he's telling us something and we just pretend we know what the heck he's talking about!! Good times!

Taylor getting a little alone time while Morgan is off to bed.

Morgan always puts his arms up in the air for you to tuck his blanket around's so cute!!