Saturday, May 31, 2008

Taylor's thoughts

My sister was trying to get Taylor in to her car seat and was having a little trouble buckling her in.
Taylor pipes us and says "Just let Tami do it!"

Dressing Taylor this morning she looks at her shirt, touches it gently and says "Oh mom..this is so soft"

Me and the girls are leaving in a few minutes to go to Disney World tonight for the Pirate Princess Party. Taylor has been so excited about this and knew that today was the day. This morning at 7:15 she woke me up and said "The sun is up it's time to go to Disney World!!" To which she clapped, squealed and then fell back on the pillow and let out a big sigh.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day

We basically spent the entire day doing nothing....Mark went shooting while me and the kids relaxed at home. Then that evening we went over to Mark's parents house for dinner and the kids dipped themselves in to the kiddie pool. It's always hard after a relaxing day to get motivated to go back to work...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Morgan's First birthday party

I know these are really late...We had a party for Morgan on May 3rd. He got so many nice things, so many BIG things! I looked in his room the other day and could barely find his crib amongst the big-boy toys! Everyone enjoyed themselves including Mema and her birthday hat :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mrs. Shirley Lindsay

As most people know Mrs. Lindsay passed away on Thursday evening. Can you imagine the reunion between her and Homer G? I bet there was dancing, chicken and pie :)

What a legacy this lady and her entire family left for generations to follow. If you wanted a Godly christian example, all you had to do was look to her. No matter if she knew you or not, she would stop you, hug you and tell you how much Jesus loved you!

I remember just one week ago she stopped me in the church hall and said "Tami, I can't beleive how big your children are getting. They are so precious! Remember to tell them everyday that Jesus loves them." Then she gave me a hug and her award winning smile.

To all who knew her, I'm sure your lives have been changed and touched in a very special way. To all who didn't know her, you missed out knowing one of God's greatest works of art!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Nice crack

I want so badly for my little girl to be prissy, after all I am definitely all girl! There are times where she has her moments and inside my heart I'm jumping up and down thinking she's got it, she's going to be girly. Then it's all shot down when I look over and see this...

Sweet Cousins

Taylor and Bradley adore each other!!! This was after dinner Wednesday night and I look over and Taylor is just resting in his was so sweet!!


Here's a picture of Morgan on his birthday. He wore his birthday hat to church. So many sweet people stopped us in the dinning room and in the halls to tell him Happy birthday!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan I'm the worlds worst mom because I have no picture of Morgan on his 1st birthday!! (My sister has one that she took on her cell phone which I will post at some point here in the next day or so)

Yes, Morgan turned one. I cannot believe it! I feel like I just had him, and my body looks like it too!! He woke up yesterday like he knew it was special. He jabbered and laughed all the way to my parents house. Taylor and I sang several rounds of "Happy Birthday" to him. And when I got him out of the car at my parents I had a birtday party hat on him (which he also wore to church last night too!) My parents said his day was pretty uneventful...played, ate, napped, pooped, played, napped.

We are having a birthday party for him on Saturday so I will make it up in pictures.

It's amazing how quickly a year goes by when you are watching a child grow up in front of your eyes. There are so many people that either don't have a chance to raise a child or even lose their children before their first birthday. So each moment is precious that I have with Morgan and Taylor. If you have a child, then every day is a day to celebrate, whether they are big or small. They are beautiful gifts from God intended for us to cherish and love like crazy.

Thank you God for my children, I promise to love them by your Word!!