Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morgans birthday

Morgan turned 2 on April 30th. I can not believe my little man is already that old! I feel like I just brought him home yesterday...

We all woke the little guy up by barging in his room, flipping the light on and singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of our lungs. Love the scowl on his face!

Taylor's beautiful morning crazy hair!

This boy is probably going to graduate from high school with pacifers stuck in his pockets!

big sis just trying to get some love from the little bro who wants nothing to do with her that early in the morning :)

I took Morgan and his teachers some lunch that day and brought the kids some cupcakes. He was so surprised to see me at lunch time. We all sat together and just laughed at how messy those kids are. I tell you I truly am thankful for the ladies that take care of these children all day...WHAT A JOB!!! Thank you Mrs. Michelle and Mrs. Amy!!

I finally figured out how Morgan was getting all of his pacifers out of the top drawer of his dresser. He was moving one of his toys over and then climbing up on it...sneaky little boy!!

His day ended with grandpa coming over while Grandma was at choir practice. Grandpa got him all wound up before bed time...I can't wait til I can do that to my grand kids and then just leave and let the parents deal with it...thanks Dad!!

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